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2008-10-21 17:39:35 by PyscoticBladeKitty

Weve got another show coming up supposedly on the 15 of Nov. We are opening for a group called Nu-Era. Come to find out that one of the memebers was the person who did the recording for our album. XD I didn't even know. Anyway their pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to it but i'm kinda nervous no matter how many times i've done this . Dammit. We also have to go back into the studio and redo a few things. WORK WORK WORK XD


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2008-10-21 17:40:43


PyscoticBladeKitty responds: thats all you could come up with...O.o hn okay then. >____>


2008-10-21 20:32:31

ah...I think you are going to rock this thing...

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

Thank ya. XD


2008-10-26 12:36:48


PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

eh my comp and phone are not connected so I can't really get on the comp unless I go to the library. DX waaaaa.


2008-10-26 21:38:02

Hey I am Level 12 now.

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

UGH!!!! XO


2008-11-01 23:53:42

Do u sing or play instrument (i play drums xD) nyaa~

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

sing, piano, keyboards, and i can hold a pretty good beat on the drums and the base. :3


2008-11-03 22:04:10

omg i havent been here for ages. ....WAZZUP!

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

alot man. I've got this crazy foster sister causing my mom problems because she wants to act up, talk smart, and be grown. UGH! well we did move. nice house nice neiborhood lucky break for us. XD


2008-11-03 23:01:59

...that is how things are going with the band ?

I hope every thing is good...

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

havin a few problems. been getting held up on practice so our manager is afraid we might not be able to do the show. -___-
my god my head hurts!! >,..,<


2008-11-07 20:29:06

...things will be fine...I bet...

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

TT,...,TT hopefully....


2008-11-13 10:52:11

You like good anime?

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

hell yeah.


2008-11-17 09:15:56

just finished seeing Love Hina, still have to finish Bleach and I'm starting to watch Strike Witches

hope every thing is going as planed

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

I have a freakin cold now and i've seen everything you just listed except strike witch!!!!!!


2008-11-23 21:28:42

Hey Kitty I am now Level 13 and check out my new post because it has a nice 3-part video in it!

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

dammit!!! >.> well good for you.


2008-11-29 15:47:12

so...every thing going just as planed ?

(Updated ) PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

I need to update this thing. We have a winter concert coming up.


2008-12-07 18:30:50

good good

I passed in my calculum and analytic ageometry at college and I'm now in my vacations (I bet boredon will kill me soon)

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

aww well sucks for you. XD syke. well kope your vaca doesn't kill you, then i'd be upset.


2008-12-11 21:21:51

Have you ever considered putting some of your music in the audio portal? I really want to hear it.

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

Hm never did think about that. I guess I could. XD