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XD Baby!

2008-12-16 20:04:04 by PyscoticBladeKitty

First off. My sis just had another little baby boy. He was nine pounds eight ounces at birth. Hes so addorable. Um we are supposed to have some type of winter concert some time this month. I have to check back on that. We also just recently moved into a brand new house. I don't even think its even a year old yet. We were lucky. :3 My brother has also come back from college for the holidays so i'm in very good spirits.


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2008-12-16 20:26:26

Congrats on being an aunt!

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

lol why thank you.


2008-12-17 11:35:13

family growing larger

well it seems things are going good with you


PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

Yes things have been doing pretty well so far.