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2009-01-04 14:14:19 by PyscoticBladeKitty

Schools starting up again... Well it was fun while it lasted and I had fun. I hope evyone had a good time as well. >:3
Not much of an entry huh. XD


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2009-01-04 14:19:36

i like boobies......

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

*snort* >:3


2009-01-04 14:37:39

Yeah, bummer. But hey, at least School is half-over! We also have holidays.

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

Well I'm not so happy about he school being half way over thing. I'm gonna miss my friends when we leave and won't see each other next year. *shrug* idk I kinda hae mixed feelings about school.


2009-01-04 15:13:11

well I still in my vacations

but at least you can see most of your friends now

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

True True -___-


2009-01-11 03:08:46

Well I had no fun and I hate school so much that I want destroy the entire education system.

PyscoticBladeKitty responds:

aw poor thing I feel your pain.