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2009-01-26 17:58:17 by PyscoticBladeKitty

Eh sending in high school applications. DX They burn! They burn my eye!!! ah seriously though I'm wondering how everyone ones doing out there. Still have yet to post anything (ugh I feel pathetic) There's a convention coming up in VA. It's KATSUCON WOO HOO YA BITCH! I'm doing some new fanfictions which I am hoping are not complete and total failures and my reviews are brightening my spirits up. Eh had a few back fires here and there but I'm A.O.K.
Must Go and Devoure CHOCOLATE!
Oh and down bellow is the link to a pic of one of my Oc's from a Yu Yu Hakusho fic in progress, her name is Fosha.
http://pyscoticbladekitty.deviantart.c om/art/Taboo-109920680


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2009-01-26 18:42:13