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2008-06-10 15:55:53 by PyscoticBladeKitty

Yay my birth day has come well technically its the day after but still I am very happeh nyaa. also my b-day was the last day of school. I am now 14 and I feel great.My bro is home for the summer and we are getting a new house. I don't have much to say except I got some great presents probably still have a few to get and I hope everyone has a great summer. ^,...,^

<img src=" s/bb68/punk-goth-emo-me/my%20drawings/
Damnyousugly.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket">

mew yesh I ish here nyeh. I have been coming to this site alot and I finaly have a page now weeee I feels good. mew. Oh yesh hello all, as you should already know I am Saneyah. I have been coming to this site on a daily basis looking at some of the great...and not so great -____-/// flash games/videos. I hope to make one of my own real soon but until then I'll just review others and torture people with my hyper chocolate crazed yet sadistic self. NYAAAAAAAAA WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
!!!! FEAR ME!!!!